Photos to help you see sightseeing in Sapporo


This page is a letter from me who lives in Sapporo, to you living overseas who are considering a trip to Sapporo. Oh, maybe you have just moved to Japan. Of course you should read it too.

Sapporo is a very good city.

I want to enjoy Sapporo, so I would like to introduce some recommended spots.

By the way, this sentence relies on google translation. If you have free time, please teach me how to write more readable text.

First of all, let me introduce you to me. I am an office worker who lives in Sapporo and likes to take photos. I especially like the scenery of Hokkaido, and since I have posted a variety of photos, I would be happy if you could translate and read other articles. I’m also interested in overseas scenery, so please show me your photos if you like.


I am hanging around Sapporo with my camera


it’s fun

Where are you going to sightseeing in Sapporo?

This time, we will introduce the wonderful scenery of Sapporo.
Please let me know where you are interested by e-mail or twitter direct message. I would like to introduce the place in more detail.

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Let me introduce it.

Sapporo’s photos

Sapporo clock tower


This is a building in the immediate vicinity of Sapporo Station. Learn about the history of Hokkaido and take pictures with Dr. Clark’s statue. You can take very beautiful photos especially on winter nights.



Red brick Government building

This is also a building in the immediate vicinity of Sapporo Station. Built in the Meiji era. It is a place where you can enjoy various scenery depending on the season.

Tanuki koji

A shopping street in Susukino. Susukino is 2 stops away from Sapporo by subway. There are many pharmacies here. There is also a gacha specialty store, so it is a very fun place to shop. The place where there is a shop to introduce with a photograph from now on is 5-chome.

Hitsujigaoka Observatory

This is a bit far from Sapporo Station. From Sapporo, it takes about 40 minutes by subway and bus. I recommend going in summer. You can see the city of Sapporo in the distance and see sheep and Clark statues. There is also an exhibition room where you can see the diorama of the Sapporo Snow Festival.

Odori park

It is one station by subway from Sapporo Station. It is easy to walk. You can spend a refreshing time in summer and enjoy various events in winter. I especially recommend the December illumination event. Please take a look at a good photo.

How was the scenery of Sapporo?

Please tell me if you are interested. Please comment or direct message.

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Have a fun trip.